Bingeing and "Cheat Days" NR.4

We started our conversation in the previous post about what is "Cheat day" and is it good or bad and we ended up touching a very common thing called bingeing.

Overeating or bingeing on a cheat day or meal not only results in excess calorie intake

So we want you to take a look at what you eat adding to eat a positive view and truly and honestly towards your self to pick the food option that you think is correct and the food option that you think your body is truly craving, not your brain - but your BODY.

Bingeing often occurs after periods of strict dietary restriction.

By removing the notion of "Cheat Day", not only can this help you start to have a more food-neutral mindset, but it can help take away the guilt often associated with cheat days or meals and the yo-yo diet cycle that might follow.

"Healthy eating strategies to try" in NEXT POST.