Do you exercise to "earn" your food? NR.1

One of the things NOWMOV'S personal trainer will tell as soon as you meet him is " Never start a diet, an activity or a regimen that you know for a fact you won't be able to maintain the long term".

 There are a million diets and dietary rules out there that might help you short term, you will see results that you will get quickly going thru some struggle, but unfortunately, u will struggle to maintain those result.

 There are always benefits to minding caloric balance, but aiming to earn food thru  exercise is usually a losing battle for several reasons:

  • Calorie counts aren't precise
  • Your metabolism isn't a math problem that can be solved by calculating in and out calories, your metabolism is a unique machine and often we tend to underestimate the intake and overestimate the calories we burned. Positive thinking haha that doesn't work in our favour.
  • Constantly trying to earn your food might develop a weird relationship towards fitness activities and dietary preferences. And we want harmony with ourself with what we consume with our activities and with the world out there.

Everything we do has to maintain a balance and a healthy attitude, we love ourself and that is why we want to be healthy in the first place, so let's also be kind to our bodies.



"A better approach to weight loss." in the NEXT BLOG POST.

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