Is Cheat Day good or bad? NR.3

Let's start with what is cheat day.

cheat day is a scheduled break in a diet. The concept emerged around the same time as 'clean eating' and is based on the idea that a dieter can 'cheat' for one day a week as long as they eat according to their diet plan for the remaining six days.

Our opinion - 

If you read into the name of it you might automatically find what is not right about it, the moment we call something "cheat" we starting to categorise it as good or bad and in this case theoretically sounds good because apparently, our brain thinks we finally gotta get something yummy but in reality, we just start growing guilt because we from the beginning categorised it as bad since it is a "cheat" and cheats aren't good by default.

We consider that putting all food on a neutral playing field is the way to go.

Yes! Broccoli and doughnuts are on the same level, this will help you free a lot of brain space that is used at worrying about what you are going to eat next and when. It also helps take away the all-or-nothing thinking that often causes people to overeat or binge when having a meal or day deemed as “cheating.” 


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